Khiri Reach

Khiri Reach is a non-profit organization where we can collaborate and create positive change.

I built and designed their website. For the homepage, I also collaborate with another designer.
The idea was to show a functional website to make donations. That is why a sub menu list and presents every project to learn about it and then donate or/and share on social media. They also needed more focus parts with a company profile page, news and events to prevent and inform people.

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This organization "supports People and Planet projects."

The UX/UI was really important in this part because I had to be aware of the "filter by" type - country but also the user must select a project by revealing the map or directly by the case like beside. The goal was to offer as many options as possible for the user whether he select a project according to the map or according to the type (the type is represented by two different icons: one for the People and one for the Planet). Users must be able to quickly find the project that suits him.