Furnida is an e-commerce website who sell furnitures for home. Every product designed are ideas for making a living place the way we want it to be.

They also have a blog with explanation of their philosophy and all their thought about the company profile.
I have worked on the entire design. The UX have been think with the designer team.
This project is still in development phase.


I built and designed their website. This included the homepage and the sub-pages : "About Us" (the philosophy of the company), "Categories" which related two kinds of products "Clothes Rack" and "Interior". For those categories, I had to design a "basic" products page with all client's need for buy. For every product the customer can "Sort by" the product, and also choose "What type?" "Which color?"
As an E-commerce website, these two pages are the most essential to facilitate purchasing decisions. The process has to be clear and effective.

I also deal with the developer to get the best UX/UI design. I used to work with them to explain my thought about the design interactions.